Saturday, April 4, 2009 other obsession.

I LOVE beads! They come in all kinds of pretty colours and sizes and....... Yes, I'm a crafting geek!

My friend sent me some great beads at Christmas and I kept saying I'd post what I did with them. Well, finally 3 months later I remembered to take a pic!

I have a awesome brown velour babydoll dress I wear them with.

This one I just made the other day, I got some turquoise chips on clearance and mixed them with some silver glass beads and brown waxy flax (yep, it's a scrapping/stamping supply but I LOVE the waxy flax I get from CTMH for beading!)

Speaking of jewelry.....remember Make it and Bake its? They are back!!! It was such a blast from my childhood when I saw these I squealed! And to make it even better, they were charm bracelet kits! They had two different ones at Target and Trin picked out Disney princesses (below) and Livy got Disney Fairies. Yesterday was a craft day and I did these with them and they built birdhouses (which have a bit of finishing to do) with their daddy.

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