Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A ticket, a tasket, a cute little cardstock basket!

In exchange for the rooms we use at co op, the extemporaneous people volunteer for the church. Now, you NEVER quite know what you are going to do those days. I am free 3rd period and have put up bulletin boards, stuffed snack bags, cleaned rooms, washed toys, shredded papers, stuffed bulletins, etc. Last time we were there, the volunteers worked on Easter baskets for the kids. We made up kits and all they would have to do was assemble.

They were so cute and I thought how could I adapt them. Theirs used 2 paper plates per child and about a yard of ribbon.

We had a template about 4 inches across with 8 lines drawn on it as a template. We laid this down in the middle of the plate and then cut down to it lining our cuts up with the lines (I really needed to take a pic, this sounds far more confusing than it is).

Then, we punched holes in each wedge. 2 per. Scalloped the edges of each wedge a bit.

Then, on the second plate we just cut out the center section for a handle. You would then run the ribbon through the holes to connect it all and gather it up like a basket and then staple on the handle.

So, my adaptation:

I just used one piece of cardstock (CTMH sorbet) and used a dinner plate to trace my circle. Then, I used a sour cream container to mark out my template. Made my cuts and punches and that was it.

I didn't leave eough room to make a handle, but it is still pretty cute. You could stamp it first or cut pieces of patterned paper to size to decorate. Possibilities are endless! Sooo simple!

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