Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coffee Filter Flowers

Okay, these are soo fun and who doesn't have coffee filters laying around?! These are so cheap to make, a little time consuming (well, my friend Sharon would say they are, I was able to stitch up all of these during an episode of House so I didn't think so), but the result is well worth it!

All you need it coffee filters and a needle and thread.

Directions are here:

The ones on the left I did with glimmer mist. Instead of getting them all wet, I just sprayed. It was a bit quicker and they are GORGEOUS! The ones on the right I used my mica paints (found here: http://www.thescrapqueen.com/product/USJEWELMETAL/METALLIC_Jewelz_Mica_Watercolor_Paint_by_US_ArtQuest.html) and I got a great glimmery water colour effect.

I used one of my glimmer misted ones on this card (I haven't quite decided what the sentiment will be) but I was dying to start playing with them.

You can also see another one on the WTF layout challenge below.

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  1. Those are cool! I seem to have a never ending supply of coffee filters...I think I'll try this! And I will absolutely do it while I watch House and NCIS! Multi tasking never was so much fun!