Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doodle! And a challenge! And a prize!

I am an unabashed, enthusiastic doodler. I CANNOT leave a blank piece of paper well enough alone. So, when I needed to come up with a challenge at Simply Scrapping, what better than a doodling challenge!?

So, here's my challenge to a page where doodling is your main form of embellishing. Try and keep it as clutter free as possible and really focus on that pen/marker.

You have til the end of the month to get it done and I'll enter all the participants in a drawing for a prize package (to be determined, but I'll find something fun!) Just post a comment with a link to your finished project!

Here's my page, the only thing I used besides my pen were some letter stickers that I had leftover from March's scrap queen kit.

I also did a page about doodling for my Book of Me

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  1. i doodled, lissa! was checking out the Glimmer Mists book (gorgeous) and peeked around your blog a bit more, and came across this challenge, which was perfect for me today, as i'm stuck at the computer and on the phone. :)
    here is my doodly card. ---Karmyn