Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am soo loving my new toy!

The other day in the mail I got an awesome surprise! A brand new Kodak ESP All in One printer. I was seriously "woohooing"! lol

(Kodak sent it to me as part of the Cafemom Influencer program, 2 of my admin from ScrapNMoms got one as well, it's good to have the largest Scrapbooking group on Cafemom)

Once I cleaned off my desk (which really needed done anyway) I proceeded to set it up. It has Wifi capacity so thought I'd be all set to go. Okay, that did work, but it was slooooow. So, depending on your wifi, this isn't the option to use (much to DH's chagrin as he had visions of printing in the middle of the night from his laptop and scaring the heck out of me).

So, we got a cable and connected it directly to the computer. I can print faster as long as it is something from the web, but my computer and the printer are not talking nice to one another. So, that was getting a bit frustrating and it wouldn't print pictures. It is most likely something simple, but it's a bit beyond me, we are going to do a complete reboot and all that happiness on DH's next vacation.

In the meantime, we found an around....I just load my pictures to a USB flash drive thingy (yes, that IS the technical term) and then plug it directly into the computer. It has a window and you just scroll through, click okay on the pics you want to print and in seconds you have awesome quality pictures all ready to go.

It is super easy! And like I said, the quality is great! I'm very happy with it! And feeling a bit spoiled as before the printer I had would print photos, but the quality wasn't all that great, so at best, I had to upload them and have them shipped and get them in a week or drive 20 minutes into town (I live in the middle of nowhere) to get them.

MAJOR time saver! I'm all about that!

It also scans and copies. Again, easy features to use and I am LOVING that! I'm a homeschool mom and I am always getting workbooks and borrowing library books for the girls. Now I can make copies at home! WooHoo! I have copying like crazy this morning. that feature alone has me on cloud 9!

So, despite some initial frustration, I am completely loving my new printer and can't wait to show off the layouts I'll be doing with the pictures I printed off yesterday!

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