Monday, February 1, 2010

Heritage Spring Fling Crop

sponsored by the
Heritage Homeschool Co op FR Committee

March 13, 2010
10 am to 8 pm

Valleyview Chapel 1391 State Road Wadsworth, OH 44281-9457

Need some time to catch up on your papercrafting? Is inspiration lacking? Are you looking for some new friends? Want some time to catch up with old ones? Interested in learning more about how to get started scrapbooking? Whatever your reason, this is the day for you!

Join us for a fun filled day! Goodie bags, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks provided. Visit our consultant tables to do make and takes. Door prizes and games throughout the day!

Seats are $25 at the door. To reserve yours, please contact
Doretta Bilbrey
(330) 336-7193

Prepay by February 26 to save $5!

Want some new goodies for the crop? The following consultants/ stores are taking preorders and will be donating a portion of their proceeds to Heritage Homeschool Co op. Please contact the consultants by February 26!

Lissa Gerwig, Close to My Heart
www.papercraftsublime.blogspot. com
L_gerwig@yahoo. com

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Cards and the start of something....

Believe it or not, even though I haven't been posting, I have been creating (which can be attested to by the ginormous pile of half finished scrap pages hoevering over me at the moment). My Christmas cards are done although I don't think I ever shared them, here's a random sampling of what might show up in your mailbox if you are on my nice list ;)

And a tag I just made, forgive her lips, I just don't quite know how to erase copics and my hand slipped...I'm on a mission to use up my scraps and collaging them to make tags seems like a darn good way to do so! This little lady is one of my fave stamps currently, she's from the CTMH set Ms Holiday Cheer ansd seriously, I cannot get enough of her! And bling, always the bling!

Trim a Tree

One of our favourite places is Wolf Creek Environmental Center. It is part of the Medina County Parks and they do awesome programs! Sunday was their Trim a Tree Open House and the girls were so excited! They love creating (hmmmm....wonder where they get that?!) and there is cocoa and cookies for after plus a visit with Santa (which Trin decided she is too big for...silly girl!)

I love the inspiration I get here, they put out tons off all natural products....chinese lanterns, pinecones, dried flowers, cedar snippings, shells, buckeyes and so forth and then let you have at it with the hot glue gun. This year I attempted an angel, she is actually quite pretty, but she doesn't photograph well.

Hope you can get some inspiration as well....go out and take a wander in the woods and see what you can find! I'd love to see!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Origami Wreath

Okay, so how cute it this? I have had so many people ask me for the directions for these, here it is (I know, FINALLY! LOL)

I can't get it to link directly, but if you go to the link before, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on CHristmas crafts it will be on the second page.

Hope you have as much fun making these as I have been! This one is made using Creative Basics paper from CTMH from the Boom di Ada and the Christmas collection fromm 3 years ago (totally blanking on what it is called) then some cranberry grosgrain ribbon and the connection club pearls that I coloured with my copic in red.

And a HUGE thanks to my upline Tina Sutton for passing this on!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scrapbook Day at Mapleton

Gather your pictures, memories and creative ideas and join us for a fun filled day of scrapbooking and senior memorabilia projects!

Sponsored by the Mapleton Girls Basketball and Swim Team

Date: Saturday, November 21

Place: Mapleton High School Commons

Time: 9 am to 9 pm

Cost: $15 and a covered dish to share (snacks and drinks provided)

Reserve your seat by calling:
Tammy Pelton (419.651.9236)
Denise Patterson (419.651.1612)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scrapbooking and Treats Party

For all you local gals!

This will be a great time, Karen is a fellow homeschooler and avid scrapper and cook. She decorates her house beautifully for the holidays and there will lots of specials, fun and great people!

I'll also have lots of new ideas for you and previews of my upcoming card workshop at the Medina County Park in December!

Please feel free to pass the invite along to anyone you know might be interested!

Looking forward to seeing you!

You are Invited to a Scrapbooking and Treat Party

Please be my guest at my Scrapbooking and Treat Party

On Saturday, November 7, 2009

4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

At Karen Gower’s Home

6622 Cobblefield Drive in Medina

Come and learn new scrapbooking techniques and test new products.

Also sample some food from our food vendors and test new gadgets made for the kitchen!

Close to My Heart

Make and take a Christmas card and learn how to make your own glitter mist at the same time!

~ Book a party and get a FREE gift

~ 10% off Idea Books

~ FREE Shipping on all orders

~ Make it Shine package special


~Stamp of the Month - find out how to get it free!

Creative Memories

~ FREE Shipping on all orders

~ 20% OFF your total purchase when you book a party

The Scrap Queen (

~ FREE Gift with any $25 or more order

~ FREE Shipping on all orders

Stampin’ Up

~ Spend $30 or more get a FREE bottle of “Shimmer Paint” from the Holiday Mini Catalog

~ Learn how to add a touch of elegance to your holiday projects with glimmer paint!

The Gourmet Cupboard (

~ Book a show and receive a FREE mix (value $5) at your show.

Pampered Chef

~ Take 20% OFF of all the Simple Additions Collection

Tastefully Simple

~ FREE Bountiful Beer Bread with any $50 order

~ FREE Bucket Drink when you book a party

Saturday, October 31, 2009

24 Ways to Use Reinkers

For those of you coming to the Scrapbook and Treats party next week, a preview of what I am featuring....this will come in handy!

1. Re-ink your stamp pads. (The obvious one)

2. Shaving Cream Technique: This requires shaving cream and reinkers. It is a bit messy, wearing rubber gloves and putting down newspaper is a good idea.
-Spread the bottom of a shallow 9x12 pan with a layer of shaving cream. Spread it out with a spatula to about 3 / 4 inch thick
-Take a couple of coordinating reinkers and put a couple drops in a random pattern all over the shaving cream.
- Use something like a chopstick, knife or pencil to swirl the shaving cream around until you get a nice swirl effect.
- Now press a piece of cardstock down into the shaving cream. Press from the center and be sure all is touching.
- Gently peel up scrap off excess shaving cream with a clean paper towel.
- You can reuse the shaving cream several times. When the cardstock is dry, the surface will have a velvety feel.

3. Paintbrush technique: Select a paintbrush and palette. You will actually paint with the reinkers. This method adds more vibrancy to your finished project and you have the ability to apply undertones and highlights right where you want them. It works best to first emboss your image. Embossing gives a nice edge for the ink to blend to. You can also mix the reinkers and come up with your own designer colour.

4. Christmas ornaments: Take clear glass ball ornaments and remove the top. You will need to put about 10 drops of one colour into each ornie. (Add only one colour or you will have sludge) When you are done, turn the bulb upside down and let the excess ink drain off into a paper cup. Pour approx. 1 / 2 tsp of glitter into the bulk. QUICKLY SHAKE! (This needs to be done quickly so as not to form a big glob) Pour excess dyed glitter into a container (you can reuse). Put top back on ornament and tie on an organdy ribbon! These are beautiful!

5. Paper clay and reinkers: Mist to make your own specialty colours. Will leave a swirl pattern.

6. Liquid Glass and reinkers: Add a drop or 2 of reinker to liquid glass. Use it to give a raised effect. Add a bit of prisma glitter for extra wow factor!

7. Easter Egg background: Use a paper towel that you have wadded, dip in ink and pounce all over white cardstock. Use 2 or 3 colours and you will have cardstock that looks like dyed Easter eggs.

8. Resist technique: There are several products you can use to do this technique: waxed paper, white crayon, rubber cement, versa mark with clear embossing powder, white daisy ink. The results are pretty much the same regardless of medium. After stamping your image on paper, use an eyedropper to put some drops on the page. Hold the paper slanted down and let the ink run across the page. The ink is resisted in the areas that you have placed your wax or other resist product. You can also use your brayer to place re-inkers on your cardstock.

9. Batik: Use the reinkers to create cards that will have the look of this ancient art form. There are two methods to batiking that use reinkers.
- -Mulberry Batik Method: Emboss on mulberry paper using solid bold stamps, a resist pap, clear embossing powder and heat tool just until the image is clear. Then crunch the paper into a ball to crack the embossing. (├čOptional step) Place on one side of a newsprint and spritz with water until it is soaked but not drippy. Drop reinker of one colour in several places. Using brush dribble more water on to spread the colour. Clean the brush. Now drop another color and repeat process. Carefully unfold and transfer to a couple of clean sheets of newsprint in a flip-flop fashion. Fold the newsprint over and with an iron set on medium press for about one minute.
- Tissue paper batik method: Stamp a pattern using versa mark ink and a bold stamp onto tissue paper. Emboss with clear powder. Use reinkers and drop ink onto the tissue paper. Ink will absorb into the paper where there is no embossing.

10. Watercolor Brayer: Drop several reinkers onto a piece of plastic wrap. Fold wrap in half to spread ink around. Then unfold and ink your brayer by rolling it across the newly created palette. Spritz with a water bottle and roll out onto your card for a pretty watercolor look.

11. Liquid applique: Use white Liquid Applique. Squeeze a bit and mix with your choice of reinkers. Air-dry or puff up.

12. Soused suede: Taking 11 a step further. Squeeze applique on your cardstock. Now take a used gift card and scrape over cardstock like you are spackling. Randomly add drops off reinker and tilt card so that it spreads. Heat the liquid applique for a truly unique look (I LOVE this technique!)

13. Dye mulberry: Use the reinkers to change white mulberry into any colour!

14. Bubble background: Add reinkers to dishwashing soap and water in a 9x12 shallow pan. Take a straw and blow bubbles (don’t inhale!) Quick dip the surface of your cardstock into the bubbles.

15. Dye Ribbon

16. Foil paper technique: Emboss an open image without a lot of detail onto front of card. Use black ink and clear embossing powder. Stamp the same image onto plain foiled holiday gift wrap and colour in using reinkers. You can cut the whole image or parts of it…depending on the look you want to achieve. Cut the inside line of the image. Glue the foiled pieces inside the embossed image on the card.

17. Paper casting: Place stamp with image side up on table. Select up to 8 squares of toilet tissue and stack them. Dampen them with water and lay them over the stamp. Place a hand towel on top and gently press down expelling some of the water from the tissue and molding it to the stamp image. Now paint on the colour you want using your reinkers and a paintbrush. Carefully remove all the tissue at one time from the stamp and lay it aside to dry. The image will appear similar to paper casting!

18. Tissue paper/Window Sheets: On a sheet of window sheeting, squeeze out a blob of liquid glass. Spread around with your finger and leave it fairly thick. Drop a few different colours of reinkers on glass and spread around. Add more drops to achieve a marbled look as desired. Cut a piece of white tissue slightly larger than the glue/ink and set aside to dry (peel back a corner to check that ink is dry) when dry, peel tissue away from window sheet and use whole or in pieces for a cool background. Finished paper has the look of stained glass. (I have also used transparencies and page protectors)

19. Aluminum Foil: Fold a piece in half and reopen it. Squirt some of your reinkers on the foil. Fold the foil in half again pressing together (with hand or brayer) allowing the ink to mix around. Open up and lay a blank card in the inked foil. Fold the foil over the card. Smooth your hand over the foil allowing the ink to get on the card. Open the foil and look to see if you need to add any more, if so, repeat process.

20. Reinkers and Glue with tissue paper: Stamp all images on transparencies. Colour stamped images on reverse side of tissue paper. TO highlight use metallic markers. Put drops of white glue on reverse side (once marker is dry); add drops of reinkers. Use your fingers to smear glue and colour as desired. (Work carefully over marker as it will flake off – it is worth the effort as the metallic markers are what really make this pop!) Crumple white tissue paper and adhere to the glue to seal. Layer with background papers onto card.

21. Caught in crystal: This is a very clever use of an ordinary household cleaning product, clear acrylic floor finish (I use Future) Stamp the design of your choice onto a transparency (or page protector) with staz on ink. Heat fix. Spray with clear gloss fixative and heat to dry. Tape transparency, stamped side down onto a sheet of paint white paper. The tape will act as a barrier to keep the inks and future from seeping under the front of the transparency. Pour a puddle of future on the transparency and spread evenly over background. Add a light sprinkle of glitter. Tear a piece of tissue paper a little larger than your transparency. Crumple, open and smooth onto transparency. Add more future-you want the surface wet so the dyes flow easily. Add drops of dye from reinkers. Blend edges of colours together using a soft paint brush. Blot with a paper towel. You control how deep the colours will be at this step. If the tissue tears, don’t panic! Tear off a small piece of tissue and patch with more floor finish. Heat to dry. Hold the heat fun about 6-8 inches from the transparency- you don’t want it to melt! Add another layer of future0this is what will turn the piece crystal clear. Again, heat to dry. Cut out the inside of the taped area. The finished piece is now ready to be applied to your project.

22. Other objects for crating backgrounds:
Kooshballs: dab in reinker and pounce.
Marbles: put in a shallow dish and roll
Rubber ball: bounce it in reinker and then on cardstock
Piece of mesh: dye it or use a sponge and reinker to create a cool grid on cardstock
Bubble Wrap: dab in reinker and press into cardstock
Sandwich baggie: crumple and pounce
Try any household object!

23. Reinker plus Pearl Paint makes a wonderful custom shimmer paint.

24. Add reinker to homemade glitter mist (this takes a lot equal amounts of reinker to alcohol so unless you want a specific custom colour, I honestly think it is just as cost effective to buy glimmer mist)

Happy Halloween!

Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged (well, yes I do, it comes from a slightly new time sucker called facebook lol, but realized it was the end of October and I couldn't let a month go by with NO posts!

We are off tonight to trick or treat for the second time, the girls went to Norwalk Thursday night to T or T with their cousin and tonight he is coming to return the favour.

They also costumed up last weekend for Pumpkin Palooza at the Milan Historical Museum and had lots of fun...this year the costumes have definitely gotten their monies worth out of them!

The girls...Iron Man and my Punk Vampire

And Andrew as Scooby Doo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thorns in my side

Hey, I didn't pick the title! My friend Linda did! Yes, I caved to peer pressure! lol ALthough, there are days...... My little beauties can try the patience of a 1000 saints, but then again, they can also be the sweetest most considerate children in the world as well. I just have the advantage of having mine with me 24/7 since I homeschool them and with that much togetherness there are days that make me question my sanity about that decision.

ANyway....again with the Cosmo Cricket papers....I really do love this cherry paper. Seems so summery and yummy!