Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Punk Rock Scrappers Challenge.....WTF?!

Okay, so a few of my friends turned me onto the Punk Rock Scrappers blog, there are some awesome designers there and some fun challenges. Currently, there is a WTF challenge.

Well, how perfect for a snowy day in April. Snow? April? Yeah, WTF exactly. I know welcome to NC Ohio, if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change and all that. But, I am sooo sick of snow! I was sooo sick of snow back in November.

I took this photo of this poor defeated daffodil this morning. It was the one spot of colour in our currently otherwise white world. I love this photo, I think it sums up how I am feeling right now. It waited all winter to come up and bask in the sunlight, only to be dealt this. So, it hangs its head.


  1. I love PRS... they totally rock over there! I am diggin this LO!!! Awesome Lissa! Glad to see you playing too!

  2. FUCKING SNOW!!! *grrrrr* I hate the snow. LOL.
    Love how your PP is all bright and such and then it gets down to the fact that it freaking snowed in April... LOL>
    Thanks for playing with us over at PRS!

  3. okay ~ so it totally sucks for you that youve got snow right now ~ but heck ~ youve got a rockin layout from it ~ right?? i hope you play along with us more and more!!! i agree with adrienne, love that you took a white snowy picture and threw in some fun and spring papers!!
    {xoxo} ally
    punk rock scrappers