Friday, November 28, 2008

Kicking off Christmas Crafting - Fantasy Box

Care to join me in kicking off your holiday crafting? I LOVE doing these and they look way impressive and time consuming. In reality, they really aren't that hard! I have done lots of these, but this one I did for an online class a few years back so rather than take all new pics, I am recycling....stamps I used now retired.


(1) 6.5 x 12 white cardstock
(1) 4 7/8 x 10 white copy paper (do NOT use carstock for both, it will be too thick and bubble when you bend)
(4) 2.25 x 5 chipboard or heavy cardboard
(1) 1x5 chipboard or heavy cardboard
(4) 6x6 colored cardstock (for inside boxes)
(1) 6 x 6 colored cardstock (this one is for lid)
Tombo or adhesive of choice
Stamps and Inks of Choice
Chalks, Pearl Ex, etc for embellishing


1. Stamp both pieces white cardstock in desired manner

2. Apply adhesive to one side of chipboard and arrange as shown, using spare piece of chipboard to make a space between panels laying on 6.5 x 12 cardstock. Trim corners and tuck like you would wrapping a gift.

3. Adhere 4 7/8 x 10 inch cardstock for inside lining.

(You might want to use a bone folder or embossing stylus to score between the panels for easier folding at this point)

4. Make 4 boxes using 6x6 pieces of colored cardstock (if you would like these decorated do so before folding!)


5. Boxes finished? Time to move on..... Place 1 box on each of the 4 main panels, spacing them evenly, these should form a stepped effect. I closed it after attaching each box, this helped to ensure that it was spaced properly and helped to get them to stick better since they were held tight for a few moments.

6. Now, let's make a lid: Take 6 inch square and score in 1 3/4 inch on each side. Cut a tab on each side. Fold and adhere.

7. Your box is done, add some more embellishing with ribbons or other lumpy stuff and then enjoy!


(You will make 4....I recommend doing any stamping prior to folding)

1. With a pencil and ruler make an X running from both corners

2. Starting in the bottom left, bring corner to center line and fold. Then fold again flat (see example)

3. Repeat with remaining 3 corners

4. Cut the paper on the fold marks as shown in photo

5. Fold large traingles that are wing shaped (see example)

6. Open halfway, the edge of the triangular wing will make flaps. Fold all flaps towards the center.

7. Remaining wings that have been cut will now fold to center.

8. Glue in place

Get your own done and link it to the comments on this post and you can win a gift from me!

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  1. Cool, I'll have to make some! I am just starting to get into scrapn and making flip books and such--I'm gathering up supplies now so I'm excited to see new things to make!