Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Free!

WooHoo! Co op is wrapped up for the fall, zoo school is out til spring, the environmental center classes are done until January and in a nutshell, I have NO PLACE to be this week! YAYYY!

So, hopefully that means I can get some art done, hang out with the chickeepoos and watch girlie movies and eat appetizers for dinner (think Mermaids food!) since it is going to be just us for dinner A LOT the next couple weeks.

Last week was uber busy, but so satisfying! We got the art hung at the Children's Center, so nice to see their walls brightened up and the kids did SUCH a fantastic job!

Here's Livy putting the finishing touches on one of hers:

Then, last Saturday was Tim Holtz inspiration night at Sarah's. I had out the crackle paint, distress ink, alkie inks, dabbers, scratcher, grungeboard and of course, packing tape and all kinds of other fun stuff. Meant to show the faux mica technique with the alkie inks, but didn't get to that.

AND I learned the soot stamping and masking don't mix. Oops, my Tim Holtz flourish mask MELTED! It was a brave little mask though, giving itself up to my artistic cause the way it did! Really, there was a tear in my eye as I cut off the curled shriveled section and through it away (I tried to think of something to do with it, but couldn't)

The coolest thing I came up with last week though was this:

It's what you get when you use packing tape transfer on a stamp (a friend sent my some Tim stamped images, I'm wanting them all, but darn it, we live on Stan's commission and Orecks aren't flying off the shelves right now so those will have to wait a bit). Anyway, it was just black ink on white cardstock. Very glaring for what I was working on. So, as chance had it, the girls knocked into a cabinet just as I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. A roll of packing tape fell off! Brilliant!

So, I did my transfer and then loaded up the back of the tape with crackle paint. It looks so cool I think!

This is the layout it went on then for my Book of Me (Tracey posted a challenge on my ScrapNMoms group last week to do a page about why you scrap, so I will do the journaling on a tag and tuck it behind)

Anyway, we were playing with the video camera so hopefully it turned out decent and I don't look like a troll and Sarah will be posting it the crop group.

Something else cool last week was our field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art. I walked away with a ton of inspiration! And took this photo:

Look familiar? If it doens't it probably will soon. This is the Botticelli painting chosen to be this years religion Christmas stamp. We have the original hanging here in Cleveland.

Hope everyone else had a great week and looking forward to checking in with you more now that all my fall homeschool craziness is over!

Inky hugs as always, Lissa

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