Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recycled Lightbulb Vase

Okay, I love learning new things. Aristotle wrote "Wisdom begins in wonder" and some days I take that to heart a little too much. I get so excited everytime the new class list comes out at the parks or libraries or at the LSS and so on.

But, I love the inspiration and the motivation it gives me.

Monday night I took a Recycled Art class at the library and Susie showed us how to hollow out a lightbulb and turn it into art.

We painted them there, then I brought mine home and added my own wire and beads.

This is what I got and the chickeepoos were kind enough to go out and pick me a few daisies for it.

Now, maybe it's just me.....but can you imagine these with alcohol inks? Ooooohhhhh.....pretty! I'm gonna have to find me some more lightbulbs and play!


  1. You have to Please post a tutorial on how to do this!! It's so beautiful!!

  2. Oh my gosh Melissa, this is AMAZING!!!

  3. what kid of paint did you used to paint the light bulb?