Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cigar Box Purse

Karmyn was responsible for this was called Busy, Busy, Busy! The point was to make something and have NO negative space left. Fill the entire thing up. So, I had gotten this cigar box at a garage sale a week ago and decided since I hadn't made a new purse in awhile, this was a great way to answer this challenge.

THen, I went crazy with the flowers. I used the chipboard (that I had been hoarding for years) as a starting point (and yep, it is shoe themed, I'm a suck up! lol)and then threw in stickles and bling and a few other odds and ends. THere are primas, just blooms, crocheted flowers, a big grungepaper one I made...if I could find it in my hoard and it was black, pink or white, on it went! (consequently, I'm now completely out of flowers in all those colours...this is a great way to use things up!)

Here she is, I just need to add a beaded handle. THe other sides are covered in a black dewdrop print handmade paper that has a swirl pattern on it in silver. (I guess I should probably take a pic of that too...oh well, another day)

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  1. Wow!! I LOVE it!!! Totally awesome Lissa! Three of my favorite colors to scrap with!! Hehe. Yeah, I bet you used a ton of flowers!