Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ah yes, the big fun thing at our house! My family are Star Wars fiends....and DH is the biggest enabler of buying toys for the girls (Trin only collects female jedi...she's such a girl power chickeepoo! Go Trin!). Anyway, Stan has been collecting toys as long as I have known him.

Trin was in looking at his collection not long ago and asked "Daddy? Why don't you play with your toys? I would play with you." Kinda tugged at the cockles of his heart and all and thus Battle was born. I'm not sure they accomplish much more than lining up all their respective figures and ships (and there are A LOT) but they spend lots of time together doing this and THAT warms the cockles of my heart seeing them laugh and be silly.

Challenge was from awhile back at If the SHoe Fits, it was black and white only on a page (or something like, like I said, it's been AWHILE). Papers are scraps of CTMH Silhouette collection (I think my all time favourite!)

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