Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iron Chef Night

For those that say homeschooled kids don't get enough socialization, I have to laugh! We make soo many opportunities for them to get together and homeschooling in this area is a COMMUNITY. Last night, our co op sponsored an Iron Chef night event. 4 families competed against each other. They had 1 hour to create a dessert and an appetizer using the secret ingredient (we sent it out to them a week in advance, it was cheese).

It was SUCH a fun night! The food was spectacular and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Livy and I were judges. It was so cute how seriously she took her 'job'! And great seeing how the families all worked together.

The grand prize was a $25 grocery store gift card, my girls would have been more interested in second which was an Auntie Anne's pretzle making kit. All families also received a recipe album for participating (made by me of course!)

I also made these cute name tags for the emcees and judges

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