Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time for something new!

Hey all! So, WOW! What a HUGE week for me! Last weekend I took a class at Stamplistic in Amherst with none other than Tim Holtz! I'm NOT a class girl generally, but meeting Tim was an absolute dream come true. The class was wonderful and it kept me occupied the entire time (3 hours plas) That's a major accomplishment for this 'shiny bauble syndrome' girl!

I took the Generation Grunge class. Here is the cover of my finished project:

My other big happening? We got DSL!!! Okay, yeah, that's so last year for some of you, BUT I live in the middle of nowhere and it just became available! Just logging on with my dial up was a pain, but now.....well, I'm so excited! I can finally work on some projects (including a blog) that I have been unable to due to the time constraints with the dial up.

So, be looking for more posts and hopefully, tons of inspiration!


  1. Ok, so I just MUST see the rest of your Tim Holtz book!!! I just bought the keys that match your lock this last weekend!! Please Please Please post it!! Now with your *brand spankin new* DSL it should be a breeze!! :)

  2. 拝啓!私が私のブログを訪問する招待!