Monday, October 27, 2008

Been Playing......

Okay, obviously, if you didn't gather by the photo to the right I am a HUGE fan of Tim Holtz products. I also LUUUURVE masks. So, when I saw Tim had a line of masks out I screamed and grabbed a few (I would have got them all, but Sarah at had the rest coming in, so will get them from her this week when I get the crackle paint, dabbers and other stuff I ordered from her)

This is what I did with the haunted set:

Pretty happy with how it turned to find an appropriate photo for the page! Livy is going to be a Barbie princess and Trin is a glam witch (think lots of bling and feathers). NOT very frightening. Guess I could always take a shot of Stan and throw it on there. A "This IS my costume" sort of page. (Actually, he was designing some sort of ninja halo something or other costume, but I put a stop to it.....a girl can only enable so much!

Okay, wow! So, that really doesn't show up too well, does it?!

Okay, step by step so you can see the masks:

1. Laid down masks (see instructions on back) and I went over it with black ink on a sponge. Moved them a couple times to cover the whole page.

2. Then I sponged over that with a topiary coloured ink (working with my CTMH inks here.....could have done this all in reverse and just sponged the entire paper with the topiary first and then done the masks, but I was playing as I went)

3. Finally, I grabbed a few H'ween themed stamps (a mix of CTMH and Studio G) and random stamped my paper.

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  1. I actually do like most of this layout Lissa! Except for the mean skull & crossbones & the big ol' gems on the top. I love the spiderweb masks... gotta find them now!

    Is the green paper crackled already, or did you do that with crackle paint? If you did that yourself then you need to post how you did that too!