Monday, January 26, 2009

A special gift! lol

Okay, so we know I rather love Tim Holtz products! He is such a wonderful soul and his creativity and enthusiasm are seemingly boundless.

Anyway, a few weeks back, one of my admin on ScrapNMoms posted a bunch of links ot blinkies. There were NO TIM ones! Quelle horreur! How could that be. So, Emily hunted and searched and lo and behold, she found me one!

My life is now complete, lol!

Thought I'd share it with y'all:

Monday, January 19, 2009

January Kit of the Month

So, this is something new we are doing on ScrapNMoms, thought I'd share with y'all as well.

This is this month's kit....contents include (not everything is pictured) 4 sheets of double sided 12x12 CTMH holiday B&T, 2 sheets of bamboo cardstock, 18 inches cranberry and olive grosgrain, 18 inches ivory organdy, asst embellies including a Dimensional element buckle. NON CTMH: 8.5x11 glossy cardstock, 8.5x11 pine and cranberry (x2) textured cardstock, a tag, a snowflake doily, a sheet of raw chipboard.

Here are some of the pages I created with the kit (I did 2 single page layouts, 2 double page los and a card, needed very little else other than what was in the kit)

(yes, I know the second layout is missing some letters, I ran out of the thickers I was trying to use up, so need to go back and stamp that chipboard and cut it out and attach it)

If you are interested in a kit, I have THREE left. They are $7.50 if you are local or $10 shipped to the US.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

I can't believe how cold it is here in Ohio! It is currently 8 degrees with a windchill of 11 below! Winter is indeed in full force! It also started snowing on the 9th and had consistantly came down through yesterday, I think (I stopped looking out the windows, it was starting to depress me! lol).

Anyway, it is TOO COLD to scrap in this house! I'm hoping to be able to get over to Sarah's tonight for our crop, but looking at all the snow heaped on my car is daunting!

Yesterday, I didn't even try to do much. We had went to the library with Stan on Thursday and got a huge pile of movies, so the girls curled up on the couch yesterday with Magic Schoolbuses and I some for me nad we all had lots of blankets and cocoa!

I did emerge out of hibernation to try a new soup is in this month's Family Fun, I adapted it, but it was sooo good!

I also worked on my crocheting a bit....I WILL get the hang out this! I was trying to make a scarf and that is SO NOT what I ended up with. BUT! Serendipity being what it is, instead I got the start of a cool new project, hoping to finish it up tonight and be able to show you tomorrow!

Inky hugs bloggers and stay warm!

Mulligatawny Stew

2 T olive oil
1 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, smashed and chopped
1 stalk celery
1 apple, cored, peeled and chopped
1 can garbanzo beans (I do not drain the can)
1 can corn, drained
1.5 pounds cooked chicken boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs, cubed
1/2 cup flour
2-3 t curry powder
5 cups chicken broth
1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste
2 cups rice

1. Heat oil, add onion, garlic, celery and apple. Cook til softened. Add beans and corn and chicken and saute about 15 minutes. Turn heat to low.
2. In a small bowl, mix together the flour and curry powder. Add the misture to the pot, then stir to coat. It will be thick. Add broth and tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover pot and simmer 45 minutes.
3. Bring soup up to a boil and add rice. Cook for 10-15 minutes stirring occassionally until rice is done cooking.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Challenge 2 on ScrapNMoms this month....

Was to do a page or card using:
chipboard, 5 buttons, 2 different ribbons and a found item.

This is what I came up with....mainly I was able to use scraps (LOVE the cork 'paper'!) and coordinating BG chipboard and die cuts. My found item is an altered TP tube.

I love how it turned out! I am going to be opening and etsy shop and this will be going on there, if you are interested, give me a holler!

Monday, January 12, 2009

101 Things to do with Ribbon

Emily posted this over on the ScrapNMoms board and since one of the challenges for thescrapqueen this month is to use 31 ribbons in a layout, thought this would be great to have!

Passing on some great ideas! Hope you can use some!

1. Cut a journaling block into horizontal strips. Tie a ribbon in a bow or knot to the

left end of the first strip, then the right end of the second strip, and so on.

2. Create a page frame by stitching ribbon to each side of the page, then cover the joints with a button or another accent.

3. Collect scraps of ribbon and cover the spiral binding of a journal or album in


4. Tie a bow on a paperclip.

5. Soften the look of metal mesh by knotting satin ribbons through the latticework.

6. Colourblock a layout, punch holes where the blocks meet and lace with ribbon.

7. Create a ribbon loop off the side of the page, securing with stitches or staples, to

index sections in your album.

8. Stamp tiny tags with a single letter and use narrow ribbons to attach to your page

for a quirky title.

9. Hold a bookplate in place by securing each side with a length of ribbon, fixing the

ribbons onto the back of your layout.

10. Punch holes along one side of a photo or mat and finish with ribbons tied in loop


11. Loop ribbon around one side of a metal frame, then tie with a tiny knot or bow.

12. Laminate a leaf or another found object, punch a hole and tie on a ribbon.

13. Dye ribbons to match anything perfectly.

14. Criss-cross two lengths of ribbon to create a pocket.

15. Turn bows on their side and place at either end of a title.

16. Stamp a name or date on a ribbon, fold around the corner of a photograph and

secure with a paperclip.

17. Use ribbon to hang a locket holding something special.

18. Thread two metal rings onto a length of ribbon and secure them both in a loop at

one end (you can use an eyelet, nail head, brad, stitches or staples to close the loop).

Wrap around a journal, mini book or photo mat and pull the loose end of the ribbon

through the rings, just like a belt.

19. Make a masculine tag by threading a plain washer onto a ribbon remnant, folding

in half and stapling to the top of a tag.

20. Hide journaling or an additional photograph on your page. Using self-adhesive

ribbon as a hinge, secure just one side of a cardstock block to the background.

21. Cover the join between two patterned papers with a length of ribbon.

22. Create a collage between two microscope slides or pieces of transparency, then

tie ribbon around the glass sandwich.

23. Team up ribbon with anything else from the haberdashery section: ric-rac, upholstery

trim, lace, fibers, snap trim, zips, elastic or a hook and eye set.

24. Layer a brightly coloured sheer ribbon over traditional black and white gingham

to create a custom coloured gingham.

25. Stick ribbon over vellum to hide adhesive.

26. Make a flower with loops of ribbon plus a button in the middle.

27. Cover the edge of a border of patterned page with three inch lengths of mismatched


28. Use letter stamps on ribbon for journaling or captions.

29. Use ric-rac as the stem for a flower accent.

30. Run a thread through a length of ribbon, making loose stitches, then pull the

ribbon together to gather.

31. Apply rub-on letters to a twelve inch strip of ribbon to make a custom border.

32. Cover a scrap of cardstock with ribbon scraps in lines, then place a cut out

shape over the top so the quilted design shows through.

33. Fray ribbon scraps, then overlap and sew to the page.

34. Place a ribbon in a tiny glass charm for a message in a bottle look.

35. Weave your ribbbons in big or little sections on your page.

36. Punch holes on one side of a photo mat, then lace the ribbon through and add a

charm to one of the loops.

37. Make one long loop of ribbon around an entire page, then use shorter ribbons to

tie knots and bows to that ribbon.

38. Make a bulletin board look by criss-crossing ribbons across the page and joinging

with brads or buttons.

39. Use frilly ribbons with rustic elements, mixing girly trims with twill tape or a

wooden tag.

40. Create your journaling in widely spaced rows. Punch small holes around key

words and thread ribbon through to box out or underline words with colour.

41. Hang a letter charm from ribbon and wrap around the bottom third of a photo.

42. Use a variety of green ribbons in short, overlapped lengths to represent grass

for a summery layout.

43. Place your title and journaling blocks on your layout, then cut slits at the top

and bottom. Run sheer ribbon through to ‘hold’ the blocks in place.

44. Spell a title by threading letter charms onto a longer length of ribbon, adding a

knot between each letter.

45. Cut a variety of ribbons to six to eight inch lengths. Adhere at odd angles to the

bottom of a double page layout, with the photos and accents above this border.

46. Place short lengths of ribbon over the four corners of a photo and secure in

place with brads.

47. Place ribbons around the edge of a large circle shape.

48. Fold ribbon scraps in half and staple to one side of a photo mat.

49. Use a wide ribbon as you would a strip of patterned paper.

50. Stitch your ribbon with a zig-zag.

51. Thread silk or paper flowers onto ribbons to create a daisy chain.

52. Use polka-dot ribbon with striped patterned papers.

53. Tie a series of bows or knots to cover a length of wire, then attach the wire by

punch two tiny holes in your page and threading it through to the back.

54. Run a simple border with one thin ribbon across the top of your page and two

thin ribbons at the bottom.

55. Tie a group of tags together with brightly coloured ribbons.

56. Punch small holes and thread a border like you would lace your shoes.

57. Use sheer green ribbons to represent leaves on flowers.

58. Use your ribbons in vertical strips instead of horizontal.

59. Repeat just one ribbon pattern throughout your layout.

60. Hang tiny jingle bells on a Christmas page.

61. Select two ribbons of contrasting colour. Attach one to the left side of the page

and the other to the right, then tie together in the middle. Repeat in the opposite

colours to make a criss-cross if you wish.

62. Get out your eyelets and add to a paper accent, like a monogram letter. Thread

ribbon through and tie in a knot.

63. Pin a safety pin through a bow or knot.

64. Tie a ribbon around the stem of any letter in your title.

65. Allow ribbons to come out the top of your {top-loading} page protector.

66. Place one bold strip of a patterned paper on your cardstock background. Add

an angled strip of a colour-coordinated ribbon. Add an accent near where the two

meet, and place the body of your layout in the remaining gap.

67. Punch or cut several small squares or circles. Punch a small hole and tie a ribbon

on each, then line up for a border.

68. Line up several lengths of the same ribbon and secure the ends with brads, then

place your title on top.

69. Punch a group of holes in any preprinted accent and add ribbons to make it

your own.

70. Create a bold frame using short ribbon scraps around all four sides of the page.

71. Have just the ends of flat ribbons appear from one side of a photograph. Stick

them directly to the page.

72. Use a series of ribbon-trimmed metal-rimmed tags to journal in list form.

73. Repeatedly wrap a ribbon around a block of cardstock, then tie with a charm,

tag or stamped image.

74. Use only black and white ribbons plus one colour of cardstock.

75. Stick ribbon directly to the page and cover the ends with square or round accents.

76. Place several twelve inch lengths of ribbon to the page, leaving an inch gap in

between. Number the lines of ribbon and add journaling for a ‘# of things I...’ layout.

77. Tie ribbons on bobby pins/hair grips and slide onto the edge of a photo.

78. Use ribbon inside a slide frame or book plate.

79. Create a pull tab with a loop of ribbon on a tucked away photo or tag.

80. Use just ginghams!

81. Attach tiny clothes pegs to a length of ribbon.

82. Use white sheer ribbons for angel wings.

83. Thread white letter beads onto ribbons for journaling.

84. Tie ribbons through button holes and tie on the top.

85. Attach pins or badges to a length of ribbon stuck straight to the background.

86. Put your title inside a circle frame, and hold it in place with ribbons on two or

more sides. Tuck the ribbons over to the back of the page.

87. Thread on a buckle for a classy accent.

88. Spice up a simple layout with just three knots of ribbon near the corner of a the


89. Create a pinwheel design by sticking down bright ribbons cut with an angle at

the end.

90. Fold your ribbon in half then cut at an angle to get that little V at the end.

91. Instead of peeling your stickers from the backing, cut them out and treat like

regular paper. Punch a hole, tie a ribbon and look at your sticker in a new way.

92. Create a layout with three blocks of cardstock, then hang multiple ribbons from

the bottom of each block.

93. Make a summery layout with mismatched ribbons placed 3/4 of the way down

one side, to mimic flags on a sail boat.

94. Make a mini book to hold extra photos and journaling, and make sure the sides

wrap around to the front so the covers open to both the left and right. Secure ribbon

on the back and tie on the front to close.

95. Thread circles on ribbons to mimic Christmas ornaments, then tuck the ribbons

around the top of the page and secure on the back. Design the layout on top of the

ornament background.

96. Make it simple: stick a length of ribbon directly to the cardstock. Tie a bow and

stick it on top -- an easier way to make everything stay put.

97. Create your title with letters on individual blocks of cardstock, then thread together

by punching holes and tying together with ribbons.

98. Use watermark ink to customise your ribbon with a design or phrase.

99. Make curly ribbons by wrapping tightly around a dowel rod or pencil (securing

with pins if needed), spraying with corn starch and baking in the oven for about five

minutes. Leave to cool and set over night, then remove from the dowel. Great for

album covers and bindings.

100. Use ribbon to bind a small book of index prints on your layout, then add more

ribbon to close or hang the book.

101. Grab your favourite ribbon of the moment and work your entire layout around

that inspiration. Print your photos in black and white so you don’t have to worry

about colour clashes and just have fun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Buckeye Recipe

Seems like all the comments I have had lately are asking for my buckeye recipe! So, I will gladly share.....they ARE wonderful. I have played with both shortening and paraffin and I have to say I completely prefer the texture you get with the paraffin, so I totally recommend it over other coatings.

This makes about 8 dozen (or if Stan is around, hand them all over along with a glass of milk and you will be amazed at how fast they disappear!)

1 c. (2 sticks) butter
1 pound confectioners' sugar
2 c. peanut butter (that's the equivalent of 1 jar)
1 1/2 tbsp. vanilla
12 oz. chocolate chips
1/2 bar paraffin (notice it says bar, not package....I bought my box about 8 years ago I think? This lasts a long time and it is super shelf stable so no worries there)

Knead all together and shape into balls the size of walnuts (the hands of little girls are wonderful for making the perfect size of these and with 8 dozen of the little darlings, trust me, help is a good thing!). Melt the chocolate chips with the paraffin in the top of double boiler or in th emicrowave. Stick toothpicks into the balls and dip into chocolate so all of the ball is covered except top where toothpick is (If I am sharing them, I try to cover the hole up when I am done). This is what makes them look like buckeyes. Set on cookie sheet on wax paper. Chill til set.

Enjoy y'all!

Monday, January 5, 2009

ScrapNMoms 1st January Challenge

Heather was kind enough to jump in and post a challenge and I HAD to play with my new CTMH stamp set....Ms On the Go! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!

Here's the sketch:

Here's my take (ran the cardstock through my cuttlebug....LOVING my CHristmas present!!!)

Wow! A New Year!

Where did the time go? I meant to add so many things last month and time just got away from me!

So, let me take a moment and wish you all a VERY happy new year! May 2009 be filled with lots of magical memories and many happy surprises!

Now, let me get caught up a's what I worked on last month!

First off, these were gifts that I made for family and friends. I used a paper pack (that I cannot remember who makes) that I got with my gift certificate I won from Crazy for Scrapbooks.
They are altered CD cases and I made CDs of my favourite Christmas songs long with the words to them.

They were a big hit and I thought I wish I would have thought of it sooner as it would have made an adorable secret sister it up with some hot cocoa and little candles to make a caroling night kit!

This I made for my uses the CTMH Silhouette papers and a 3x3 album. It has pictures of my girls and nephew on the front pages, then a little monthly calendar in the rest of the pages, plus a tag for each month to pull out for special days.

My sister got an accordion album commemorating my nephew's first Christmas. I LOVE how this turned out! I used a CTMH 9x9 accordion album and the Aspen papers!

The last picture is a toilet paper tube tag holder....LOVE these! So cute and doesn't everyone have accesiblility to these? Just flatten it out and cover with paper!

Buckeyes! I make them every year, it is the only thing Stan requests and seriously, can you call yourself an Ohioan if you don't make a good buckeye?

And my adorable little nephew enjoying his first!

And last but not least, the album I made for my dad....this is an ongoing project, as he gives me more photos I'll keep adding them, but for now, this is what he got....
THis is the only picture of my grandfather. It's my parents wedding day-kinda wierd to scrap it when they have been divorced 26 years, BUT wanted to preserve Grandpa's picture. I love how perfect the CTMH Silhouette papers were for this, then I sprayed it with a bit of black gold glimmer mist and IRL it is even more gorgeous!

Also, while I was at Crazy for Scrapbooks I found Black River Pirates taught/coached there 31 years, I graduated from there, um awhile back so it was perfect for the teaching and coaching pics he gave me!