Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now for something glam!

My friend Lisa is a HUGE Adam Lambert fan. Which totally cracks me up. When my daughter saw this, she said "THAT is for Miss Lisa? Wow! That doesn't seem like her at all!" Which just goes to show that my nature loving, straightforward, sensible, station wagon driving friend has a dark side! lol

She went to the recent AI concert and snapped these photos and they totally inspired me! I don't get to play with concert pics, so I totally jumped on this and made her a mini album out of altered CDs and lots of bling! It was so much fun to make and it went together so fast! (Of course, I love any excuse to throw alcohol inks on things and the glimmer mist on mulberry shines soo my black gold!)

Hope you like it Lisa!

(And my 9 fell off, I have another but wanted to get this up, I'll dig for it in my huge mess later. SO just ignore that for now)

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