Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just some quick cards

I needed a card this morning, for some reason I really don't enjoy making cards. I'm the worlds WORST card sender so that is probably the reason why...instead of sharing them, I have a HUGE pile of cards that I made and do nothing with. Of course, since I made them, most likely they have been posted and when I do need one, I have to make a new one, since I feel like if I send one someone might have seen, then they feel like I didn't care enough to make them one that was new.

Anyway, that was more than you needed to know, right?

What I do love are my glimmer mists and screens. When I need a card, these are the QUICKEST way to get a something uber fun looking quick. And they look so impressive. Not like something it took seconds to create.

I grabbed 4 card flats this morning that I had sitting here, my basket of glimmer mists (yes, I have a basket full of them) and my pile of glimmer screens and a tattered angels stamp set (they only have a handful of designs but what they do have I LOVE) and 5 minutes later, I had not only these 4 cards, but everything was put back away.

Awesome, quick and easy and they turned out quite pretty, imho!

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  1. That is so funny! I feel the exact same way about my cards