Monday, May 11, 2009

Give me the Presents and No one gets hurt!

Ah yes. my children, that includes my oldest 'child' my DH. It is because of him that my dds are superhero and comic book freaks. Fair enough I suppose since I have my share of things that aren't his thing that I expose them to.

So, it isn't unusual to see Livy playing superhero or transformers or whatever. I had to get this shot on her birthday though as it just made me laugh. Here is this pretty innocent faced little girl in a party dress running around playing GIJoe or whatever (she has a broken air soft).

The colours challenge over at If the Shoe Fits this week was grey, black and yellow. PERFECT! Livy's favourite transformer is bumblebee.

The challenge this week at SNM is a song challenge, along with faux stitching and using a page out of an old book. I grabbed one of Livy's beat up graphic novels.

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