Monday, December 15, 2008

Sketch Challenge on Paper Craft Planet

This is this week's challenge card at paper craft planet:

Here's my take:

I'm a little fried on using Christmas papers and making Christmas things at the moment, so gave myself a jumpstart on Valentine's Day! Just some random Basic Grey and specialty papers I found in my scrap box tied together with some CTMH chocolate organdy and Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick Distress and CTMH Chocolate Ink.

Inky hugs, Lissa

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Found It!

Things are a little tight (okay, they are super tight) this Christmas so I have been trying to make lots of gifts for everyone.

The girls are a challenge though as they are at the age where they want American Girls, Wiis and all kinds of material things and rarely are they things I can knock off with ease. Then, I came across the Found It game.....perfect since we spend hours in the car running from one Homeschool Activity to the next some days and we also live in the middle of nowhere and my average drive ANYWHERE (we do seem centrally located to Akron, Cleveland, my dad's in Ashland county and my sister up in Norwalk) is 40 mnutes.

So, this is my cost me some supplies from my stash and around $1 worth of dried rice and then I wandered around the house and found little odds and ends. A great present for a buck?! What more can you ask for?!

If you don't know how this game works, you give the kids a list and it is like a little scavenger hunt. They have to shake the box and find all the objects on the list (Um, lesson learned make a list of the objects BEFORE you seal it up...duh!). This is seriously an addicting little toy, I had fun (and so did the ladies at crop night) shaking it up seeing what came up.

Tin (other options might be a mason jar or 1 litre pop bottle.....I had a tin leftover from Maya Road chipboard and it is perfect!)

Alcohol inks to cover tin

Ribbon and patterned paper and stickers and flowers and buttons and whatever to decorate

Rice (Birdseed or perler beads could be used as well)

Liquid Glass

Objects for have any of those cutesy buttons lying around you don't know where you got them? They are perfect for this! I found a mitten, butterfly, ladybug, hat, shoe, tree, cat and all kinds of other things. A button with an anchor, a worry doll, a dime, a penny, an earring, a shell, a pinecone, a rhinestone star and moon, a Spiderman symbol from a ring Livy had, old charms (Pooh, Tiger, Cinderella).

~Mix up your objects with the rice and dump them sure to leave just enough room for them to move.
~SEAL the edges with liquid glass so no rice escapes and it cannot be opened.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Joy to the World

So, since the wreath can't make it to my mom (mom if you see this, back away from the blog NOW) I had to come up with something else.

Started playing with some acrylic blocks I had and this is what I came up with:

The background is alkie inks (slate, stream and silver mixative). Then I inked some chipboard letters, covered it with Crystal stickles and threw on some bling and some stickers I had sitting here (yes, I used stickers, but they are pretty stickers! lol)

Enjoy! Hope this brings you a bit of joy and inspiration!

Inky hugs, Lissa

It's Only Natural......

Whew! We got hit by the flu HARD the last week. I got it first and I cannot remember the last time I felt that bad. Horrible timing with Christmas on the way and so much to do!

Before the germs invaded, I took an all natural wreath making class at our local parks center. I can't even begin to name all the pods and dried stuff we used, I know I have rosehips, chinese lanterns, hydrangeas and pinecones on there, but don't ask me what else!

It came out really gorgeous, imo! I was going to send it as a Christmas gift to my mom, but it just isn't going to hold up as it is far to delicate to make it to GA. So, guess it will grace my wall for now.

On Sunday, it was their Trim a Tree Open House, so although Trin was taking her term with the germs, she stayed home with her grandma and I took Livy for some one on one time. More natural products, this is my attempt at a bird:

I've got a ton of gifts I am working on, hopefully I'll get a chance to share them with you! But, today I need to get back to my cleaning so we can get a tree in this house tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Christmas and the presents are already starting!

What a fun week! I haven't been able to get on much as my nephew was visiting and OMGOSH, wanna find out how dirty your house is? Invite a busy 14 month old boy over for 2 days! I LOVED having him, but it also made me realize just how much I enjoy having the girls out of that stage!

Having Andrew was quite the gift, but it was nice to be able to give him back too. And now I appreciate Trin and Livy all the more.

Ihad a nice surprise when I started catching up on emails! I was picked as Scraptacular Spectacular on ScrapNMoms this week for this page:

And I was a winner in the November blog challenge at Crazy for Scrapbooks for this layout:

I have a gift card coming from their store and I can't wait to spend it!

Today is a busy day! I need to run by the library and pick up some holds (somehow I missed reading one of Mary Kay Andrew's books, she is such a fun author! Usually I'm not a big fiction reader, but her books are so great), pick up a wreath to decorate at the class I am taking tonight and need to fnish up shopping for a couple secret sisters that I'd love to get out tomorrow.

I have got the neatest little project started and I'm hoping to find time to work on it as well. Oh, and I need to clean the house! Didn't get much done with Andrew here!

Hope everyone is having an awesome December!

Oh, and if you haven't already...check out Tim's blog, he has started posting his 2008 12 Tags of Christmas!

Inky hugs, Lissa