Sunday, December 14, 2008

Found It!

Things are a little tight (okay, they are super tight) this Christmas so I have been trying to make lots of gifts for everyone.

The girls are a challenge though as they are at the age where they want American Girls, Wiis and all kinds of material things and rarely are they things I can knock off with ease. Then, I came across the Found It game.....perfect since we spend hours in the car running from one Homeschool Activity to the next some days and we also live in the middle of nowhere and my average drive ANYWHERE (we do seem centrally located to Akron, Cleveland, my dad's in Ashland county and my sister up in Norwalk) is 40 mnutes.

So, this is my cost me some supplies from my stash and around $1 worth of dried rice and then I wandered around the house and found little odds and ends. A great present for a buck?! What more can you ask for?!

If you don't know how this game works, you give the kids a list and it is like a little scavenger hunt. They have to shake the box and find all the objects on the list (Um, lesson learned make a list of the objects BEFORE you seal it up...duh!). This is seriously an addicting little toy, I had fun (and so did the ladies at crop night) shaking it up seeing what came up.

Tin (other options might be a mason jar or 1 litre pop bottle.....I had a tin leftover from Maya Road chipboard and it is perfect!)

Alcohol inks to cover tin

Ribbon and patterned paper and stickers and flowers and buttons and whatever to decorate

Rice (Birdseed or perler beads could be used as well)

Liquid Glass

Objects for have any of those cutesy buttons lying around you don't know where you got them? They are perfect for this! I found a mitten, butterfly, ladybug, hat, shoe, tree, cat and all kinds of other things. A button with an anchor, a worry doll, a dime, a penny, an earring, a shell, a pinecone, a rhinestone star and moon, a Spiderman symbol from a ring Livy had, old charms (Pooh, Tiger, Cinderella).

~Mix up your objects with the rice and dump them sure to leave just enough room for them to move.
~SEAL the edges with liquid glass so no rice escapes and it cannot be opened.

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