Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's Make a Cake!

Friday is ScrapNMoms 2nd Birthday! Wow! Where has the time gone!? It's almost like the birthday of one of my children! Actually, with all the activities and the fact that we are spreading it out over a weekend, I think the girls birthdays are less work! lol

So, I saw these cute little guys on the CTMH bulletin board and Tresa Black posted a video tutorial (thanks to her for that!). I'm more of a step by step person and because doing so makes it easier to convert to a class for the group, that is what I did. Mine is tweaked a bit using ideas I gathered all over the web plus my own experimenting.

After all, what's a birthday without cake!

Sheet of raw chipboard (big enough for a 6 inch circle)

Styrofoam Ball (4 inch)

2 2x12 strips of patterned paper (mine is CTMH Just Adore paper)

3 yards (cut into 1 yard strands) coordinating ribbon (CATMH cocoa grosgrain)

8 paper flowers (not the tiny prima sized, I used the larger sized in CTMH just blooms in white daisy) that coordinate

Yarn, chennille or something fluffy (CATMH sassy strands from the White Daisy and Winter Cozy collection)

Small paper flower (small white daisy just blooms)

Red round bead (mines a glass one from Blue Moon)


Hot glue gun

Needle and thread that matches ribbon

1. Start with your raw chipboard, make a circle out of it. Trace a 6 inch and 2 inch circle on it. I used a plate roughly 6 inches and a small glass about 2 inches to make my circles. Cut out the 6 inch one.

2. Now, using strong scissors (I love the kitchen shears for this, I got mine at the dolar store, they are handy for cutting thick stuff) make 16 cuts equally spaced from the outside of the circle to the 2 inch circle.

3. Insert your foam ball in the center and fold up the sides of the chipboard circle. Just play with it so that it gets a nice cup shape and then hot glue the edges so that they overlap and make a cup. I don't attach the ball until I have the cup the shape I want, then I hot glue it in place.

4. Now, set that aside and grab your 2 2x12 inch strips. You are going to accordion fold them.

5. Glue the edges of the two strips together and then hot glue them to the chipboard cup. I ran a bead of glue around the top and bottom and attached, this did take a bit of playing. You are going to want to to look gathered so maybe play a bit before gluing to get an idea of how you want it to look.

6. Now you have a pretty bottom, but the top is pretty darn dull, yeah? So, let's ice this baby! Grab your ribbon and needle and thread. You are going to gather the thread (just make a knot in the end of your thread and stitch through the ribbon in and out.....once you get to the end pull it all together so that the ribbon is gathered and knot that end. You will start out with a much shorter piece than you started with.

7. Repeat with other two pieces of ribbon.

8. Tucking it down in or getting as close to the top of the cup as possible hot glue your ribbon around the ball.

9. Continue to do this with your other two pieces of gathered ribbon.

10. Now take your paper flowers and cut them in half. You will have enough for two rows around your cupcake. Hot glue them in place.

11. Starting to look like a cupcake? Awesome! How, finishing touches! Take your chenille yard and sorta circle it around the top to make your top icing. Hot glue in place.

Add a small flower on top of that, hot glue. Hot glue your red bead in place and if you want....add glitter. I used a glue pen and 'drew' on the spots I wanted the glitter to be in mine then dripped prisma glitter over it.

12. Add more touches if you want....I added decorative icing with more coordinating sassy strands.

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  1. We gotta love TB don't we! Great job! I love it! Hope mine tastes as good as it looks! ha ha